Fashion Queen.  My daughter was nicknamed fashion queen by her great grandmother before she could even walk.  She was able to color coordinate her clothes before she knew the names of the colors she was choosing. She was walking in adult-sized flip flops and high heels before a lot of the kids her age were taking their first steps. And her love of clothes, accessories, and especially shoes has only evolved since then.  Lucky for her and our bank account, she was blessed with an older cousin (whose mom has impeccable taste) and a group of family members who love to feed her appetite for fashion. She has so many outfits that I literally let her dig in the dirt or jump in the mud in a frilly white dress if that’s what she chooses. There’s none of this “saving it for a special occasion“, because inevitably before our next special occasion, another influx of new or gently used clothing will be making it’s way into her closet.

I’m DEFINITELY not complaining! We’re so blessed that she has a closet most women would die for. And while it makes mother-daughter coordinating a lot of fun, it also makes it hard for a mama like me to keep up while staying on budget.


Sometimes were twinning:


But mostly this is her:


While this is me not giving a dang about how I look:


Or me, hiding my outfits behind people:


While still her:


So how does an average mama (on a budget) step up her outfit game to match her mini-bestie? Whether you want to share a day of matching outfits or just copy her style, keep reading for a list of Do’s and Don’ts when outfit matching.


  1. Do pick the same articles of clothing. If you love your daughter’s floral print dress, pick a dress for yourself. She wants to rock jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers? Do the same. (This is more of a suggestion than a must)
  2. Do choose similar patterns/color schemes. Floral print, stripes, polka dots, plaid, solid colors – whatever they’re wearing, match that. You don’t have to match on the same article of clothing. i.e. If you’re dressing your little in a plaid shirt, you can wear a plaid sweater and still match vs. a plaid shirt for both of you.  You can also wear the same pattern in different colors, as long as they’re complimentary colors (i.e. pink and yellow floral on one and blue/pink floral on the other).
  3. Do be realistic about what looks good on you. Just because your toddler chooses floral print pants, DOES NOT mean you too should wear floral print pants. But it could mean you wear a floral print shirt with solid pants while your toddler rocks the opposite combination.
  4. Don’t be too match-matchy.  Don’t wear the same exact outfit (unless it’s a themed outing like Disney world or a sporting event).  This turns your outfits costume-y.  Keep it classy by sharing similar parts of your outfit without buying the same exact dress, shoes, purse, and headband. Feel like you’re too matchy?  Pick 1-2 items to be the same and make all of the others different, i.e. both wear black shoes and blue jeans while varying your t-shirt style or colors.
  5. Don’t buy clothing for full price. Sometimes that means hitting up a local thrift store and sometimes it mean catching the right deal at Ross, Walmart (yes, Walmart), or even Amazon. I even occasionally love a good sale at T.J.Maxx or Marshalls, but let’s be honest – most of the time they’re just as expensive as shopping at stores like Target or Macy’s.  You don’t have to break the bank to achieve your toddlers fashion-goals status.
  6. Let your kid choose. Believe it or not, I’ve never had an outfit fail when AG picks out my clothes for me.  Trust your kids instincts. No, I’m not kidding.


Want to see these Do’s and Don’ts put to the test?  Take a look at two twinning days AG and I had and how I was able to mimic her fashion-goal-self without breaking the bank or looking costume-y.


Twinning 1:  Total cost – $22.48.  [This is one of those exceptions to the Match-matchy rule because we’re in (you guessed it) Disney World!]

Jeans:  ROSS – $14.99

T-shirt: Amazon – $7.49;

[FSU Mickey decal not included, but was created as a gift from our friend over at Sew B. Miami]

How it’s the same:  Same decal/color shirt, both in jeans, both in black shoes, and sunglasses.

How it’s different: Style shirt, color jeans, style of shoes, hair-do, and I paired mine with a sweater around the waist.




Twinning 2:  Total cost – $28.99


Dress:  Style Encore – $12

Shoes: ROSS (again) – $16.99

How it’s the same:  Floral print dresses, sandals that tie up the ankle.

How it’s different:  Color combination of floral print, color of sandals, hair styles, & accessories (mines the more practical purse, while hers is an Elsa doll).


[FYI:  Style Encore is an awesome second-hand shop that’s local to us here in Stuart, FL.  Similar stores are everywhere. Here’s a list of the other Style Encore locations.]


Still on the fence about thrifting?  Check out how Twinning outfit 2 matches up when found at an average retail store:


A similar outfit at Target:  $84.98

Dress:  $59.99                                                 Shoes: $24.99


Macy’s:  $179.98


Dress: $89.99                                                  Shoes: $89.99 (this is the most similar)



It takes more time to find the deal, and absolutely takes more self control to wait to find the outfit cheaper, but in the end shopping on budget is one of the many ways I work to save money so that I can spend more time at home with my girl vs in an office working for The Man.


Happy Twinning, ya’ll!

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