Today was the day.  I mean THE day. The day that I’d been dreaming of!  My daughter started singing toddler tunes.

We’re driving in the car (AG’s least favorite past time) when all of the sudden the sweetest sound began to flow out of my toddler and into my ears. “Rain, rain, go away, come-a-back in 6 days”.  Ok, so she didn’t know the words to the song yet, but really, who cares?  My child was singing! It’s safe to say music has always been a means to calm, entertain, or excite AG – but it was my turn to be excited by the sweet melody flowing through the car.

Now those of you with toddlers are probably thinking one of two things, “Is this lady crazy” (and laughing behind your computer screens), or “Aww, how sweet! When will my toddler start singing?”

If you’re part of the first group, have no fear! Since that moment I have in fact reached the point where I too laugh at parents who are excited about their initiation into toddler tune-ing. If you’re part of the latter group, read on about the 5 stages of Toddler Tune-ing and prepare yourself for your inevitable future.


Stage 1Amazement. The state of euphoria brought on by the sweet sounds emanating from your little mini-human.

Stage 2: Pride. Quick, video-tape it! Call everyone in your phone book and let them listen! Snapchat!

Stage 3: Wonder.  How the heck did this kid learn all of those words, in a row and to the right tune? Wait a minute … If she can sing all the lyrics to “rain, rain, go away” then why the heck can’t she answer me when I ask her where she left her shoes or what she wants for dinner?

Stage 4Annoyance. At this point you’re about 796 versions of said tune in and you’re trying to go back to living your life (vs video taping or singing along) but you can’t focus to even answer a simple question like, “Hi, how are you?” because your brain is too busy repeating something like, “Rain song, rain song, go away, don’t come back for 6 days”.

You go on like this for 3 hours and 1000 renditions of “Rain, rain go away” (including a really strange version of “Princess Elena go away”) before reaching the 5th and final stage of Toddler-Tune-ing: Duct-taping your toddler’s mouth shut.


I’m kidding.

No, but really.


If you too are in this particular stage of toddler parenting, then might I recommend hopping on Amazon for a pair of these:

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or this

Duck Brand 394468 All-Purpose Duct Tape, 1.88 Inches by 45 Yards, Silver, Single Roll


Don’t have a toddler of your own and care to hear some toddler singing?

Happy listening.

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