Easter is fast approaching. Watching social media this week, my newsfeed is filled with easter egg hunts, pictures with a gigantic (and often terrifying) bunny rabbit, and questions of what people should be buying for their kids Easter baskets. Know what it’s not filled with? Overwhelming amounts of love for Jesus, talks about his life, and appreciation for his death. I came to the conclusion that maybe we’re all just so deep into the worlds version of Easter that we’ve forgotten it’s true meaning.

I’ll hop off my high horse and be the first to admit that between preparing to move + coordinating our Easter get together, the last thing I’ve done this week is focus on Jesus Christ, or give my toddler an opportunity to learn about Jesus.


Ideally I’d love to have my two year old reciting the timeline of Jesus + understanding the significance of Jesus saying, “forgive them father for they know not what they do” while being nailed to a cross. However, considering Easter is less than a weekend away (and come on, she’s 2) we’re going to focus on what Jesus’ sacrifice means for us… and vow to do better next year.

How the heck are we going to explain Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection in just three days?

Silly rabbit, it happened in just three days. If Jesus can die and come back to life in three days, then why the heck can’t I come up with a few tricks to teach my toddler the significance of Easter?

If you’re with me in the bunny’s burrow instead of at the foot of the cross this Easter season, here are a few fun things we can do to shift our focus back on the true meaning of this holiday.


Jesus’ Life

This takes zero planning/prep work (other than a quick internet search or scanning of your toddler’s book collection). Today we’re going to take story time and swap out our kid’s really annoying favorite book for an Easter version.  Don’t have a book about Easter yet? You can always look up a kid-friendly version of the passion story online.

The book I re-gift to my little each year (see the info about it here) has scripture references on each page. It’s a great way to teach them scripture by having them repeat the story after you.


Jesus’ Death

I have a silly toddler who LOVES crafts, but also has the attention span of a fish.  Here is a quick and easy craft I was able to get her to sit through + learn something in the process.

I loved making these cross magnets with my mini last year as gifts for family.  But this year we’ll be recreating it for another purpose – as a chance to introduce the idea of sin while also teaching her the significance of Jesus love for us in his death. (Follow us on instagram to see our finished product this weekend)

What you’ll need:

  • Popsicle sticks or pre-made wooden craft crosses (We found ours at Hobby Lobby)
  • Glue
  • Finger Paint
  • Magnet tape

If you are opting for the popsicle stick version, glue the cross together for your little & let it dry before you get started.

Begin a conversation with your kids about what they sometimes do that they’re not supposed to (i.e. not listen to mom, hit another kid on the playground, etc) Then write these things or have your little draw a picture of them on the cross. Once there are 2-3 “sins” on their cross, let them pick a paint color and paint over the sins. (Hint: Write/draw in pencil & give them darker paints to choose from so that when they’re done painting the words/pictures are completely covered).  Use this as an opportunity to show your kids that thanks to Jesus’ selfless love for us and death on the cross, our sins are covered and forgiven.


The Resurrection

Resurrection Rolls


Resurrection rolls.  While searching the internet for yummy Easter treats, I came across the idea of resurrection rolls on the The Meaningful Mama‘s blog. The idea is that Jesus is a marshmallow, you place marshmallow Jesus inside the roll version of a tomb, bake, and TA-DA, when you open the tomb roll after baking, marshmallow Jesus is not there, because he is risen.

Check out The Meaningful Mama’s post for the recipe and further information.


What are some of your go-to Easter traditions that keep the focus on Jesus?






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7 thoughts on “3 Easy Jesus-focused kids activities you can do THIS WEEKEND.”

    1. Never had resurrection bread. First time I ever heard of it was from my youngest married daughter. If I had young ones I surely would do all the things you suggested. A growing Grandma/greatgrsndma

  1. I really loved reading this, how fun for snack time and those rolls looks pretty good. Your easter traditions looks awesome. I myself don’t have any traditions but would like to start some.

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