Welcome Back!

It’s been a little crazy at Casa de Garcia! But all good things, and all things I’m excited to jump back into the blog-world and share with you all!

First, We finally moved into our new home:


Isn’t she a beauty?  Last I mentioned our little fixer upper, the ink was still wet on the offer documents. We’ve now been here for three weeks! We haven’t done much fixing up (and honestly, it doesn’t need a ton of work). But we have been painting, moving, assembling furniture, and unpacking 100+ boxes. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that many boxes, but it has definitely kept this gal busy.

Throw in two trips to Disney, dog/house sitting for a weekend, and a police officer husband who works too many hours.

Basically, there’s been little room for sleep, much less anything else.

Luckily my nanny gig is on a break for the summer. I love that little man, but life has been chaotic! His mama being a teacher helped lighten my workload at the perfect time. I’m free to get our new house and my new job in order before he returns.

Oh yeah, did I mention my new job? I recently became a VIP-Kid teacher too! It’s nerve-wracking, and causes this already anxiety-prone girl a little trouble. But I just finished my second full week of teaching and can say it’s getting easier with each class I teach. More on that later! I only mention the job to say that not only is the interview process rigorous, but it came at the most inopportune time. I had my first interview the day before we moved (I had to unpack boxes for a “back drop” and “props”) and the 1st, and luckily for me, the only mock class the day after we moved in.

Life. Is. Crazy.

And beautiful.

I can’t wait to catch up with you all in the upcoming weeks!

Look out for posts on:

  • Mastering moving with little ones
  • How to convince your child to sleep in their own bed (FINALLY)
  • Our summer bucket list/adventures
  • The beginning of Friday Feature, where you’ll get to meet a special mama every other week during the summer and hear their incredible story
  • And, What I’ve learned so far as a VIPKid teacher (especially being a non-teacher in the real world)

I can’t wait to check back in with you all! Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on all of our fun summer shenanigans.


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