Can you believe it’s summer? I can’t. This year has gone by so incredibly fast, and this summer is flying by even faster. It’s almost July and thus far our summer has looked nothing like it used to when I was a kid.

I used to live for summer! In Maine, we would hike in the woods near our home. It was filled with trails, creeks, and a waterfall. In New Jersey we ventured to the shore/the boardwalk, laid in the green grass (NJ grass is NOTHING like the itchy, scratchy grass in my FL yard), and caught fireflies. And Florida summers were spent at the beach surfing, snorkeling, and building sand castles.

Most importantly, no matter where we lived, summer was spent OUTSIDE and with family.

Do you remember summers like this from your childhood? Do you miss them too? I have been doing a lot of self-reflection and trying to determine when exactly I traded in  games, camping, and adventures for boring, errands, and a vacuum.

Those of you who know me (or who have been reading for some time) understand that I’m a bit OCD and a lot Type-A. I like an orderly home, chores done, etc. I clean when I wake up, I clean before I go to bed, I organize everything (literally to a fault), and I struggle to “relax” or have “down time” if the house is a mess or there’s still a to-do list to be checked. Unfortunately, those personality traits do not take summer vacation.

What I’ve realized through this summer-self-reflection is that my obsession with focus on keeping a tidy home and a list checked leaves little time to really live my life.

This realization helped to jumpstart a shift into a new season of my life where rather than being task-focused (all of the time) I’m trying to nurture my relationships, spend intentional time, and let go of the things that shouldn’t be a priority.

bucket list, summer, toddler, activities, intentional

A friend of mine recently said that if it isn’t going to matter in 5 years, let it go.

No truer words have ever been spoken.

Basically this was my wake up call.  It was the voice of reason I needed to remind me that in 5 years I’m not going to remember if the playroom was organized or the dishes were stacked high in the sink! But that I will remember my daughter’s smile when she rode that carousel, her excitement when we were at the beach, and the memories we made taking that road trip.

If reading the above section just made you say, “Ugh, this is me”, clearly you’re not alone. I know that little ache of guilt residing in the pit of your stomach and can guess that you too have a desire to start making your family a priority right now!

So HAVE NO FEAR. The Ultimate Toddler-Friendly Summer Bucket List is here to help!

bucket list, summer, toddler, activities, intentional

I (along with AG) have come up with a list of “must-do’s” for our 1.5 remaining summer months to make sure we’re enjoying everything that summer has to offer! It’s also a way to challenge myself to be more mindful and intentional of our days and time spent together.

So is my house a little messier? YUP. But is my heart (and my toddler) a heck-of-a-lot happier? Absolutely.

**** Disclaimer: I in NO WAY was able to change my personality overnight. I still obsess over the cleanliness and organization of my home. I/we DO however, spend 99% of the day outside of the house, and therefore there is way less mess to clean. You’re welcome 🙂


I would love for you to follow along and complete our Summer Bucket List with us. And if you do, make sure you post a picture, tag us, and hashtag #summerwithgrace so we can share in your adventures!

Also make sure to check back each week to hear our experience with/tricks for completing this list by summer’s end.

Without further ado, here it is:

bucket list, summer, toddler, activities, intentional

50 Toddler-Friendly Summer Bucket List Activities (for a more intentional summer).

  1. Go to an indoor playground
  2. Go to a splash pad
  3. Go bowling
  4. Lay under the stars
  5. Play in the rain
  6. Have an outdoor picnic
  7. Go to a museum
  8. Blow Bubbles
  9. Go to a farmer’s market
  10. Popcorn + a movie
  11. Go fishing
  12. Visit a family member
  13. Paint a picture
  14. Play with water balloons
  15. Bake cookies
  16. Have a puppet show
  17. Catch (or create) fireflies
  18. See an outdoor movie
  19. Plant flowers
  20. Watch the sunset
  21. Go to a water park
  22. Play mini-golf
  23. Make seashell jewelry
  24. Have a BBQ
  25. Play outside until dark
  26. Create a glow-stick game
  27. Play baseball as a family
  28. Go for a walk
  29. Make popsicles
  30. Go to a baseball game
  31. Ride a carousel
  32. Build a sand castle
  33. Feed the ducks
  34. Visit another town
  35. Sidewalk chalk the driveway
  36. Paint rocks
  37. Paddle board
  38. Write a letter to a far-away relative
  39. Cook a meal together
  40. Go to the movies
  41. Watch the sunrise
  42. Go to the playground
  43. Create a bubble pool
  44. Watch fireworks
  45. Explore a nature trail
  46. Roll down a hill
  47. Go on a bike ride
  48. Go swimming
  49. Go on a road trip
  50. Create a summer keepsake

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bucket list, summer, toddler, activities, intentional




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10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Toddler-Friendly Summer Bucket List (for a more intentional summer)”

  1. Intentional is our family word of the year! 🙂 Saving this list for the next couple of summers! My little girl is only 11 weeks, so she’s not too interested in anything right now. 😉

  2. As always, perfect. Writing. It will even be great for a Play Play (Grandmother) to do with her Grandchild. Thank you my darling Bree.

  3. When I was a little girl and visited my father’s family in Cuba, a town far away from where I lived, they had fireflies. At night my cousins and I would catch them in a bottle and watch them glow. We also swam in a cold stream. Still remember this experience! Love you summer bucket list!

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