Hi and welcome to Momming with Grace!  I’m Breeanna and this is my story as a police wife, cancer killer, and God lover trying to make it through parenting our girl, Annabelle Grace, with a whole lot of Grace.


In 2013 my now husband and I were three months out from our wedding day when we found ourselves in a happy but terrifying situation:  We were pregnant. We knew we wanted to be parents soon after getting married, but “what about the open bar and all-inclusive honeymoon in Mexico that we already paid for?” This isn’t to say that we struggled with keeping the baby, we 100% wanted our child to grow up to be a healthy, happy, strong little one.  It just made for a time of worrying and stress. By the time the shock had faded and we became excited to be parents, I miscarried.  We were devastated, but tried to trust in the plan that God had for us and our newly budding family.

Eventually (3 months later and finally married) we were pregnant again! This time we were over-the-moon excited.  My pregnancy started out smoothly and after the first trimester our fears and anxieties over miscarrying faded to the background. We now could begin planning for the arrival of our little one.

Nearing month 6 I became very sick.  I couldn’t eat, sleep, or walk without feeling like something was really wrong with me.  I met with several doctors who all assured me it was “normal pregnancy pains”. So, feeling like a complainer and a whimp, I suffered through our last 4 months without another word, because “everyone else feels the same way during pregnancy, and some even ENJOY it”.

Our sweet baby girl was born completely healthy, weighing in at 6lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long.  The next few months were filled with love, family, failed breastfeeding attempts,  bottles, dishes, sleepless nights, marital spats, returning to work, rivers of tears, and poopy diapers … so many poopy diapers.


In April 2015 we packed up our 6 month old, two dogs, one cat, and still fairly new marriage to move into a new home.  Finally we could settle in to enjoy our nice, new, and very normal life… Or so we thought. That dream life lasted exactly 1.5 days. Remember all of that pain and discomfort during pregnancy?  Well, after a 2 week hospital stay, 1000 tests, and two surgeries, we finally had a name for it:  Colon cancer.

Needless to say, our little family has faced so many downs over the last three years. But the low-lows have made our highs feel that much higher. Facing hardships are a blessing in disguise! They’ve taught us how to enjoy the life we’ve been blessed with – even when we’re elbows deep in throw up, weeks into the same argument, or 20 minutes into a 3 minute time out (because how do you make your toddler understand that every time they get up from the corner the timer resets).

We hope you’ll enjoy our journey with us, this family isn’t quite done growing and learning together.